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I’m D. Jason Fleming, and I both write stories released under Free Culture licenses, and find public domain novels and stories that have not been republished in ebook form, and convert them to readable ebooks for sale on Amazon. (I also serve as an editor for other authors, but that doesn’t touch on my free culture efforts.)

As one of my supporters, you will get a minimum of one free novel a month, likely a free novella, plus whatever I personally write that I feel good about releasing.

At some point, I will likely do audiobooks of public domain works, just for supporters, podcasts and movie commentaries (if the movie is in the public domain, then I can upload the film bundled with my commentary track; if not, then you can download the MP3 of the commentary and play it with the movie in your own media player), and more. If I get a large enough base of supporters, then microbudget filmmaking is on the table, but that’s quite a ways off just now.

My main social media outside of Locals is Minds:

My blog is at:

And if you want to support my free culture work anonymously, I have a LiberaPay account here:

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